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Songs for Claire is a moving suite for Eb saxophone (alto, or baritone sax) and piano depicting the journey through life and the joys, trials, fears, acceptance, and peace that can be present.


Written by Keri Degg in 2008 and featuring on the Trinity College Jazz saxophone syllabus from November 2022 (ongoing), it was previously published by Spartan Press with catalogue number SP837 (until they ceased trading in early 2023).


This purchase consists of: pull out Eb saxophone part, piano accompaniment part and audio downloads code to access full demonstration and backing tracks.


A note from the composer: Songs for Claire is intended to portray a life journey, with all the joys and trials that might be encountered. From a personal point it was written in memory of my childhood friend Claire who sadly died aged ten years old after a long illness. I think most people will be able to relate to the moods of the three movements and draw from their own life experiences in order to create the expression desired.


Living Life starts with a pure and innocent piano introduction where life begins. The performers should aim to replicate this in tone quality and delivery as if seeing life through the eyes of a child. Bar 71 soars with the sheer joy and exhuberance of new life. The mood however begins to take a downward turn from bar 91 where uncertainty and unrest becomes apparent.


Troubled Times takes us further on the journey into testing times. I had a strong feeling that it should feel like a real emotional battle; trying to stay strong (the sweeter timbral trills) whilst also fighting doubts and fears. At letter E a real sense of desperation and even anger should be felt until suddenly at H the timbral trills cease abruptly; an indication that the struggle is over. The remainder of the movement relaxes into the final peace of the final chapter.


Flying Free revisits the theme (though somewhat reversed) of Living Life as we come full circle; though now more as an opened out theme in contrast to the rather inward-feeling theme of Living Life. Again, we embrace the inner purity but now accompanied by a real sense of peace. Phrases should begin with mainly air from the saxophonist, with the pianist aiming for a gentle rocking movement. Past emotions occasionally try to break in but by the end of Flying Free we are able to let go fully and literally float away to a better place...


Flying Free features on Trinity College London's Grade 4 Jazz saxophone (Bb and Eb saxophones - group A) syllabus - from November 2022 ongoing (no end date announced). It was formerly published by Spartan Press (with the catalogue number SP837) but at the cease of trading in early 2023 Masquerade Music have taken over ownership of the work.


Songs for Claire - Eb saxophone/piano edition) sheet music and audio tracks can be ordered as an (PDF/MP3) instant download edition (click on the 'digital edition available' bar in the right hand menu).


Similarly, movement three (Flying Free - Eb saxophone and piano movement can be ordered as an instant download - PDF piano score and PDF Bb sax part plus demonstration and accompaniment only audio tracks) can be bought direct as a 'pocket money priced publication' here;

Songs for Claire (Eb saxophone/piano) by Keri Degg

  • Keri Degg

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