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2023 this delightful new recorder sonata by Dominic Irving (UK) is a real treat and a refreshing addition to recorder repertoire worldwide. The first two movements are performed on treble recorder (with piano accompaniment) and in the final movement the descant recorder takes centre stage. This exciting new Sonata is guaranteed to delight audiences and is therefore a great addition to any concert programme.


The outer movements are extremely playful (movement one has a style guide of 'perky' and movement three 'fast and joyful') and the melodies are guaranteed to stick in your head for days! The middle movement is required to be delivered 'with great sorrow' and is a beautiful contract to the outer movements and enables the soloist to really display their expressive qualities.


The Sonata is full of exquisite harmony with influences from many genres and was written by Dominic Irving (UK) - see more information about Dominic below and do check out his website here; https://dominicirving.comThe book is also available in a digital edition (PDF/MP3 files) for instant download from our PDF shop: 



Sonata for Recorder and Piano - Dominic Irving

  • Dominic Irving

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