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  • SATB Saxophone Quartet.

  • Andy Hampton.

  • With its 'walking bass' type funky groove, lyrical lines, and melodic interest for all players, what's not to like?


Some Say So is an original piece for intermediate to advanced Saxophone Quartet. Cleverly written so as to allow all four saxophones interest in their own parts, a 'walking bass' groove sets the scene initially, opening opportunities for written-out jazz style solos and more.


Some Say So was written in 2013 as a commission for the Persiflage Saxophone quartet by UK composer and educator Andy 'Saxophone basics' Hampton.


Click on the sample pages above to view. There's also an audio version on Soundcloud here: 


We also have 'minus one' tracks prepared for this quartet so that your ensemble can practice at home with the band as it were (tracks performed and created with thanks to Rob Hughes). 


The piece comes as a printed book with parts, but can also be bought as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop here:


Review of Some Say So in the Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain's magazine:


"What's going on? I must be going soft. I have liked every single piece I've reviewed this session. Some Say So has an easy groove with a similar feel to Van Morrison's Moon Dance. A modern quartet, it has four independant parts needing confident players on all of them. It was written for the Persiflage Saxophone Quartet which gives a little insight to the essence of the piece. Persiflage means 'light and slightly contemptuous mockery or banter'. Sounds like nothing's changed since Saxtet.

Many of the lines play off each other and the banter is evident in the middle section with quavers bouncing off each other like Man City and Utd fans down t'pub. With several of the parts going up to top F it would take a half decent quartet to do the piece justice. Add to this a classy publication. This is well worth buying".  Gerard McChrystal.


Some Say So

  • Andy Hampton

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