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Right Turn - Route 1 - Jazz Funk Eb saxophone book by Steve Glover.


This collection of five fabulous original Jazz funk pieces for the intermediate+ saxophonist was inspired by some of the greats such as David Sanborn, with each including a section of optional improvisation with chords notated (and an optional blues scale in some cases). However, the option to improvise is entirely your own choice as written notation is also shown should you prefer not.


Enjoy playing with top quality audio tracks that have been expertly written and recorded...essential for a great gig or performance!


The book includes:


Sandburn - A super catchy melody infused with a funk groove makes this a really pleasurable play. Aim for a bright sound and pay careful attention to articulation in order to capture the desired style. Stopped notes can be replaced with grace notes if you wish, and ghost notes add to the texture if you're able.


Push - This laid back groove is full of space and rhythmic detail in addition to embellishments and ghost notes. There is a real call and response feel throughout, and again, a bright sound should be aimed for.


Loose Feet - Built on perky riffs. this tune will really ear worm you with its infectiously joyous melody! Clever rhythmic writing really captures the essence of this piece so make sure careful attention to rhythm and articulation are observed.


Glovin' the Funk - Picture a sunny day with not a care in the world...Changing harmony keeps this fresh and engaging to play. Aim for a soloist style and a more edgy tone and presence from figure F.


Frankie Time - Syncopation and precise articulation plays a big part in this soulful funk groove. Stopped notes can be substituted with grace notes if you wish and the ghost notes add interest if you are able.


In your book:


Right Turn - Route 1 - Jazz Funk Eb saxophone printed/posted book with audio downloads code included to access and download five full demonstration MP3 audio tracks (saxophone and backing) and five accompaniment only MP3 audio tracks (no saxophone, backing only).


Right Turn - Route 1 - Jazz Funk for Eb saxophone is also available in an instant download edition where PDF and MP3 files are sent immediately after ordering (great for use on tablets or laptops etc!) simply click on the 'digital edition available' option in the right hand column.


Right Turn - Route 1 - Jazz Funk (Eb saxophone) by Steve Glover

  • Steve Glover

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