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  • SATB Saxophone Quartet.

  • Comes with audio demo/minus one tracks  

  • A delightful audience friendly SATB Saxophone quartet, lyrical and around grade 6 standard.


Pesiflage or light banter was commissioned in early 2012 by the Nottingham based saxophone quartet of the same name in celebration of their 10th anniversary. With a duration of 4'40 minutes it is an excellent addition to any quartet collection in addition to being simply 'audience friendly' and listenable in general.


Scored for SATB saxophones, the piece eases in with a lyrical memorable theme before graduating to a more forward moving inner section, all the time weaving in those seperate 'voices' very effectively. The piece carries a building 'celebratory' feel in response to the original subject matter and finally returns to the original theme in conclusion. Persiflage is considered intermediate standard.


Sheet music previews can be seen on the video above, or on Youtube here: 


The piece comes as a printed book with parts, but can also be bought as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop here:


  • Alistair Parnell

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