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'Over the Land and to the Sea' for tenor saxophone and piano, printed sheet music book with audio downloads (code and instructions included in the book).

'Over the Land to the Sea' is a sheet music album from three different composers and arrangers for Tenor Saxophone & Piano. It's a beautiful collection of folk music from the British Isles, Ireland and the United States which tells a story of immigration, love and loss; a journey from the old to the new. 

No matter where we travel we feel our roots, often causing some wonderful reminiscing but tinged with both sadness and hope. The story is told using a mixture of old and new tunes expertly arranged by our composers for tenor sax. 


1) Celtic II (Special Edition) by Keri Degg
2) The Journey to Drummond Castle arr. Bronco Hutchings
3) Inisheer by Thomas Walsh arr. Chris Lawry
4) The Hills to Roslin Castle arr. Bronco Hutchings
5) Celitc V (Special Edition) by Keri Degg
6) Shenandoah arr. Chris Lawry

A playlist of the sheet music can be found on YouTube here: 


The publication is available as a PDF/MP3 instant download from our Digital Shop here: 

Brand: Moonhouse Music

Over the Land and to the Sea (Tenor Sax)

  • Bronco Hutchings, Chris Lawry, Keri Degg

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