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  • The sequel to our popular '40 Graded Saxophone Duets' (Grades 1-5) book


24 all original duets for grades 6+ by Keri Degg. Containing a multitude of styles from Swing, Celtic, contemporary, classical, Rock and more, these are a must have for the intermediate to advanced player wanting to improve their playing.


As the duets are all original, no 'cheating' can take place by already knowing the melodies so good tactical mathematical skills must be employed. Some of the duets zone in on intonation, others on rhythmic precision, or expression. There are a number of light hearted duets in the collection which provide welcome relief amidst exam study work (after all, music should be fun too!).


The duets can be played on either two same saxophones (e.g Alto/Alto, or Tenor)/Tenor), or two same pitched saxophones (Alto/Baritone, or Soprano/Tenor, however the higher pitched sax should play the top part in this line up).


Alternatively, you can play the duets as an Alto/Tenor combination by making use of the included additional pull out part (transposed lower part) for this purpose.


The duets stick mainly to the keys and note ranges for the given grades but there are occasional exceptions (in our opinion this is good preparation for what is to come ahead) and generally the lower Saxophone part (Sax 2) is a little easier in standard (although often the melody line will switch from player to player to share the tune and encourage sympathetic listening skills). 


A sample video of the Saxophone Duets edition of the sheet music can be seen above, and you can also watch it on YouTube here: Audio of 'The Chase' can be found HERE.


More Graded Saxophone Duets is available here as a Printed (posted book) edition and also available as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop here:

More Graded Saxophone Duets

  • Keri Degg

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