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Groove Zones 1 - alto saxophone edition (published January 2023 by ... a journey on three levels and a collaboration of Keri Degg, Chris Lawry, and Jack Lennon.


Groove Zones 1 is designed to grow with you as you explore from street (around grade 2-3) to town (around grade 3-5) and finally to the city (grade 5/6+) and embraces a more commercial saxophone sound that will be highly appealing and a great motivator for personal practise.


The five original pieces in the book (Miles from Mississippi, Like a Duduk to Water, The Man from Funkle, Blue Gill, and Heart of the Mean) each appear in the three difficulty levels (so really there are fifteen pieces in the book) and have been carefully notated/articulated to provide that authentic commercial sound (in many styles from Blues, Funk, to Chillout).You can hear each piece in its entirety by visiting our other playlists:


Groove Zones 1 - Alto sax edition - The Cities -


Groove Zones 1 - Alto sax edition - The Towns


Groove Zones 1 - Alto sax edition - The Streets.


The book (available from 31st January 2023 onwards) comes in a choice of instant download edition (PDF sax part - all cities, towns, and streets, and MP3 audio tracks - all demonstrations, and universal backing track for each piece) available here: 


We hope you've enjoyed listening...and remember...stay in the groove zone!




Groove Zones 1 (Eb Sax).

  • Chris Lawry, Jack Lennon, and Keri Degg

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