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  • Festive Fragments (12/24 Clarinet Trios for seasonal fun!) 

  • for three same clarinets.
  • Pieces in varying difficulty levels (* to ***).
  • Great for the rhythmically challenged!
  • A useful tool for correct note voicing due to frequent leaps/drops!


The collection includes 12 Christmas Carols/well known Christmas tunes as a fragmented melody only option (think clarinet handbells?!) and then the same 12 pieces but with the addition of a harmony line added (also fragmented!) so at any time a player could be playing a melody note followed by harmony notes etc...the parts when viewed separately seem nonsense! Great fun for small ensembles in the Christmas season.


Full Youtube video is available to view by scrolling through the image samples on this page.


Festive Fragments is available for three same saxophones, three same clarinets, and flute/flute, clarinet/clarinet, saxophone/saxophone duet editions. 


The book is available here as a printed (posted book) edition and is also available as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop (or click on 'digital edition available' option to the right.

Festive Fragments - 3 (same) clarinets edition (trios) by Keri Degg

  • Keri Degg

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