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Originally written in May 2012 but only released in June 2022, 'Beyond the heartbeat' explores a largely tranquil soundscape and has a duration of about 3'44". Almost vocal like in texture the piece demands sensitivity from all players. Although not really technically demanding (around grade 5 standard) the skill lies in the ability to listen and blend well; enjoy making this piece breathe as the whole ensemble is unified as one.

Review by Persiflage Saxophone quartet (January 2016): 

"Behind the heartbeat is a little gem! We so enjoyed trying it out at rehearsal yesterday. Subtle and lyrical, it works really well as a warm-up piece to get players tuned together and listening to each other."

What you'll receive: Printed score and parts

The piece is also available as a PDF instand download from our Digital Store here:

Behind the Heartbeat

SKU: MM0023
  • Keri Degg

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