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We are pleased to present 'Ballade', a sentimental ballad (no surprise there then!) for Eb or Bb saxophone & piano.

Ballade is featured on ABRSM, London College of Music, and Trinity Jazz Saxophone syllabus (both Eb and Bb sax options).

Written in May 2011 as a small surprise for inspirational saxophonist / teacher Alistair Parnell (Nottingham. ), the piece (around 4'30 long) is unashamedly sentimental, allowing the saxophone's more 'commercial' qualities to be appreciated.

Complete with lip slurrs and subtle jazz inflections, 'Ballade' (around grade 7 standard) is perfect for jazz and classical musicians alike.

In addition to the printed saxophone part (universal for both Eb and Bb saxes) you will also receive a seperate piano part for the Bb sax option, PLUS audio tracks containing: Tuning note (concert A), full demonstration track (Alto saxophone & piano) plus backing tracks for both Eb and Bb saxophones.


The piece comes in the following formats: Printed Book & CD or Printed Book & Audio Downloads (instructions for the downloads are included in the publication).

The audio and score previews can be found on the video above.

The piece is also available as an instant PDF/MP3 download from our Digital Store here:


  • Keri Degg

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