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  • A Night In Bangkok (suite) - Saxophone Octet (opt Bass sax) by Claire Tomsett-Rowe

  • A crazy high energy suite inspired by an imagined day in Bangkok....From a tuk tuk ride, onwards to 'Pat Pong' and a serene river boat trip, and finally a disco rave up!
  • Part options included for flexibility.


Welcome to the wonderful and awesome brain of composer Claire Tomsett-Rowe! Available from 29th October 2021, Masquerade Music are proud to present A Night In Bangkok suite.


This flexible saxophone octet is absolutely jam packed with fun and frolics for the advanced ensemble, bringing rhythmic excitement (Tuk Tuk Ride, and Spicy Disco! for example) and just downright fun (Pat Pong, which instructs the players on the solo part at the start to play in a 'filthy' fashion)! 


The four movements vary and convey the idea of a day in Bangkok, from a frantic tuk tuk ride at the start (we can picture it definitely being on one or two wheels round a corner in places!) on to Pat Pong (who knows?), and a serene midnight river boat ride (which is the slower movement, full of unusual harmony, and great for blending/tuning practice as an ensemble), then we go out with a bang (it's the early hours of the morning by now...) at the Spicy Disco! 


The octet is flexible to a degree, with the option of substituting one of the soprano saxes for an alto, a tenor part also has an alto substitute, and a baritone has a tenor sax substitute option too. Score and parts are all included with rehearsal marks for easier rehearsing.


Previews of the sheet music can be seen in the videos above or on YouTube here:


Please note that if you are ordering a printed/posted book, these are sent in universal covers (so not the image you see shown on this product listing). PDF score and parts by email do not include a colour cover (it saves you using up a lot of printer ink!).


The digital download edition of the piece is available from our Digital Editions Shop here:

A Night in Bangkok

  • Claire Tomsett-Rowe

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