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  • 40 Graded Saxophone Duets (Grades 1 - 5) for Eb/Eb, Bb/Bb, or Eb/Bb Saxophones

  • An appealing collection of 40 original duets (8 of each grade) by UK Composer and Saxophone specialist Keri Degg.
  • Hidden technique workouts to advance your skills.


This invaluable collection of forty original duets provides creative fuel for students and teachers alike.


With eight duets of each grade (1 to 5) and with a multitude of styles (ranging from swing, ragtime, contemporary, baroque, ballad, rock and more) it's guaranteed to liven up your learning!


As an additional aid, we introduce 'Eye-nStein' a helpful little icon who appears mainly in the first half of the book. He warns of pontential impending danger ahead; maybe where a specific fingering must be used or a large interval leap. As you learn to think for yourself and look ahead you will see less and less of him!


A sample of the sheet music can be seen above, and also a playlist of videos from the Saxophone Duets edition of the sheet music can be seen on YouTube here:


40 Graded Saxophone Duets is available here as a Printed (posted book) edition and also available as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop here:

40 Graded Saxophone Duets

  • Keri Degg

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