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  • Two Miniatures for two Soprano Saxophones with Piano.
  • A fantasy journey through a Petite Valse, into Echos Féeriques (Fairy echoes). Enchanting!


A delightful set of two enchanting pieces for Bb Soprano Sax duet and Piano by John Sullivan.


Petite Waltz is a lyrical journey of interweaving melodies, twists and turns. The second miniature (entitled Fairy echoes) is based largely on a call and response theme from the saxophones. They then duet magnificently in a charming flight of fantasy.


The sheet music for Two Miniatures was published in May 2017, and is also available in Flutes/Piccolo option, Recorders (Descant/Treble, then Descant/Descant), and Clarinet duet editions. 


A sample video of the sheet music can be seen above, which you can also watch on YouTube here:


Two Miniatures is available in Printed (posted book) edition with audio downloads code, and also as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop here:

Two Miniatures (Soprano Sax)

  • John Sullivan

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