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The Blue Hour was written by UK Composer Chris Lawry,  and this enchanting soundscape for Flute and Piano really succeeds in showcasing the flutes wonderfully melodic and lyrical qualities. With flowing phrases and twists and turns it could almost appear as if you were riding the underwater currents or gliding on overhead thermals.


Chris draws his influences from many genres and we think you'll hear melodic similarities to Thomas Newman (American Beauty) and other film aspects whilst injecting his own musical thoughts.


The book includes audio tracks featuring a full demonstration track and backing track. 


A sample video of the sheet music can be seen above, and you can also watch it on YouTube here:


The Blue Hour is available here as a Printed (posted book) edition with audio downloads code, but is also available as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop here:

The Blue Hour

  • Chris Lawry

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