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  • Tales from the Cornish Coast is a collection of six ambient original soundscapes for Bb clarinet and piano inspired by the coast of Cornwall (UK). Available from late May 2023.
  • This edition is suitable for Clarinet (Standard Bb clarinet).
  • By composers Chris Lawry and Keri Degg.
  • Difficulty level from grade 2 - 5 (approximately).
  • Full demonstration and backing tracks included.



Full demonstration (clarinet with piano) and backing tracks (piano only) can be downloaded via the link in the book (download coded provided) or by scanning the QR code. 


Sheet music samples are shown above, along with a preview video (of excerpts of all six pieces) which can be viewed by scrolling through the images on this page.




  • Godrevy Island - A beautiful blend of bird calls, waves, and flowing lyrical melodic lines coupled with syncopation make this an exhiliarating play.
  • Hanover Cove - Tranquil lapping waves and the light glinting on the water introduce this gentle (yet later stormier) soundscape by means of the Dorian mode.
  • Piskies Cove - Strangely hypnotising and eerily enchanting, the pesky piskies play...
  • Lankidden - A tranquil and secret place with not a soul to be seen. The mixolydian mode and sparkling sevenths add to the beauty.
  • St Nectan's Waterfall - Delicate and brooding, feel the movement from the chordal harmony. A great piece for tone practise and control.
  • St Clement's Isle - Constrantly shifting changing and turning, dark and turbulent, then light and full of tranquility and life.



The book is also available in a digital edition (PDF/MP3 files) for instant download from our PDF shop:



Tales from the Cornish Coast (Bb clarinet)

SKU: MM0083(AD)
  • Chris Lawry and Keri Degg

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