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Groove Zones Christmas! (for an alternative Christmas!) - Eb saxophone edition (alto or baritone sax) instant download - PDF/MP3 audio files available instantly (published October 2023 by ... a journey on three levels and a collaboration of Keri Degg, Chris Lawry, and Jack Lennon.


Groove Zones Christmas! (like the other titles in the Groove Zones series) are designed to grow with you as you explore from street (around grade 2-3) to town (around grade 3-5) and finally to the city (grade 5/6+) and embraces a more commercial saxophone sound that will be highly appealing and a great motivator for personal practice.


The five pieces in the book (Jingle Bingle Bells, Carol from Sussex, In Dulci Jubilo, We Three Kings of Old London, and Deck the (Terry) Halls) each appear in the three difficulty levels (so really there are fifteen pieces in the book) and have been carefully notated/articulated to provide that authentic commercial sound (in many styles from Big Band, Metal/Rock, Jazz Waltz, Blues, and even Ska!).


Jingle Bingle Bells begins as a luscious ballad in a style inspired by some of our popular Crooners like Michael Buble (with regards to the other Crooner, the clue is in the title!) but soon launches into a joyous upbeat big band swing before finally returning from whence it came. You can almost see and smell the gently falling snow! The three versions are included: Jingle Bingle Bells (Street) - around grade 2-3, Jingle Bingle Bells (Town) - around grade 3-5, and Jingle Bingle Bells (City) - grade 5/6+


Carol from Sussex is a Metal/Rock twisted arrangement of the original (Sussex Carol) and features the vocal talents of Mr Nick McCarthy with his fun interjections! This arrangement really romps along, though the Street edition is cleverly arranged to make the tune basically half the speed for lesser experienced players. Conjure up an idea of the mysterious Carol from Sussex as you enjoy this festive showpiece! The three versions are included: Carol from Sussex (Street) - around grade 2-3, Carol from Sussex (Town) - around grade 3-5, and Carol from Sussex (City) - grade 5/6+


In Dulci Jubilo is a sweet and laid back number arranged in a Jazz Waltz style with oodles of space to soar on notes. Enjoy the little musical quotes at the end (how may Carols can you pick out?). The three versions are included: In Dulci Jubilo (Street) - around grade 2-3, In Dulci Jubilo (Town) - around grade 3-5, and In Dulci Jubilo (City) - grade 5/6+


We Three Kings of Old London is a darker Cityscape in a Blues/alternative style. Full of sound effects such as the rumblings of the underground and an echoey sax down a deserted street (and do we hear Father Christmas somewhere in the distance?!) there are some really sleazy play offs between the sax and the guitar at the start and end (inspired perhaps 'Lily was Here' - Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart). A really satisfying play! The three versions are included: We Three Kings of Old London (Street) - around grade 2-3, We Three Kings of Old London (Town) - around grade 3-5, and We Three Kings of Old London (City) - grade 5/6+


Deck the (Terry) Halls is the real wild card! Inspired by Ska bands such as Madness and The Specials this is a real hard hitting, loud, in your face arrangement. Enjoy playing as obnoxiously as you can (and maybe do 'the walk' around the room as you play?!). The three versions are included: Deck the (Terry) Halls (Street) - around grade 2-3, Deck the (Terry) Halls (Town) - around grade 3-5, and Deck the (Terry) Halls (City) - grade 5/6+


You can hear each piece in its entirety by visiting our playlist:


Also available as an instant download edition includes a PDF sax part (all cities, towns, and streets) and MP3 audio tracks (all demonstrations, and universal backing track for each piece in street, town, and city version). Simply choose this option by selection the 'digital edition available' option at the right of the screen.


We hope you've enjoyed listening...and remember...stay in the Groove Zone!


Groove Zones Christmas! is also available in Bb saxophone, and Bb clarinet editions.


Groove Zones Christmas! (Eb Sax)

  • Chris Lawry, Jack Lennon, and Keri Degg

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