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Fuerza Tranquilla is a beautifully expressive piece for Alto (or Baritone) Saxophone & Piano.


A haunting opening melody leads into a far more intense journey before once again pondering on the past theme.


Around grade 6/7+ , Fuerza is an excellent introduction to expressive saxophone playing at its best, and demands thought and control from both saxophonist and pianist alike. Length; 4'36


An promotional video of the piece, including audio and previews of the sheet music can be found above. You can also find a short audio preview of the piece HERE.


Fuerza Tranquilla was born out of two seperate events; one was the composers new discovery of the works of Astor Piazzolla: his total ability to write with an expression she had never before heard; and two - it was written as a tribute to friend Kenn Handley (Nottinghamshire saxophonist) who inspired the composer with his inner strength following a very difficult time.


Choose either: Printed book with CD or Printed book with Audio Downloads.


What you will receive: Printed score (piano part with smaller saxophone cue printed above) plus seperate pull out alto saxophone part. Audio tracks featuring Tuning note, full demo (sax & piano) and backing track are available via download code (included in the publication).


A PDF/MP3 edition is available for instant download from our Digital Shop here:

Fuerza Tranquilla

SKU: 0008
  • Keri Degg

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