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  • An enchanting fantastical suite of three movements: Forest Fantasy, Waltz by Moonlight, and A Witch's Joke.
  • Aimed at approximately grades 3-6


A Forest Fantasy Suite - An enchanting collection of three movements (which work perfectly in succession, or as seperates) that showcase the clarinet's ability to portray beautiful mellow lyrical lines (Forest Fantasy, and Waltz by Moonlight), and also its inherent cheeky side (A Witch's Joke). This exciting suite was published in April 2021, and was composed by Emma Arandjelović (Scotland, UK).


A sample video of the sheet music can be seen above, and you can also watch our YouTube playlist of all three pieces here:


A Forest Fantasy Suite is available in Printed (posted book) edition with audio downloads code, and also as an instant download via our Digital Editions Shop here:


A Forest Fantasy Suite

  • Emma Arandjelović

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