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  • 11 Easy Bb clarinet quartets by Keri Degg

  • Aimed primarily at the adult amateur of around grade 0-3 standard


This collection of 11 original Bb clarinet quartets by Keri Degg are perfect for adult students who are new to ensemble playing. PDF Email delivery is also available via our Digital Editions Shop here:


Graded at between grades 0-3, the pieces styles have been inspired from many genre's including film scores (hints of American Beauty in there, and reflective war films). These 'grown up' quartets are simple yet with enough melodic interest in all parts to keep things interesting. Clarinet Starters is also available in SAAT/AAAT saxophone quartet option.


The contents:


  • The Piper's story
  • Just a passing thought
  • Rememberances
  • American dream
  • Whispers on the wind
  • October rains
  • Dreams on the breeze
  • Solitary girl
  • A new dawn
  • Skies of blue
  • A sunny day


Previews of the sheet music can be seen on the video above or on YouTube here:


Clarinet Starters

  • Keri Degg

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